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Humankind has recognized the powers of medicinal botanical fragrances to enhance spiritual development. We used essences of plant spirits to adorn the body in fragrance to assist in worship and meditation. Aromatics have a long history, in human spirituality as we have a deep connection to the botanical world and aromatic plants.

Contains botanical superpowers for fine lines, dry, inflamed sensitive skin.  An excellent emollient for softening and hydrating the skin.

Subtle aromatherapy for grounding to the mind and body, spiritual and meditation enhancement

3.4 oz | 100 ml


  • calmative
  • antioxidant
  • regulator
  • skin tonic
  • nervine


Apply liberally to the body, long strokes toward the heart to stimulate lymph. Can reapply throughout the day to receive therapeutic benefits.


Champa CO2 Flowers are used in India as an offering to the gods and goddesses. An offering to the incarnation of Laxmi, the goddess wealth, and prosperity opens energetic channels allowing for prosperity to flow. The chemical composition of Champa is incredibly complex containing 240 constituents. It cools and moisturizes the skin, well known to have grounding effects on the mind and body.

New Calendonia Sandalwood has recorded uses dating at least 4000 years ago, a well-known and highly regarded aromatic oil. Considered to be an integral part of eastern religious and spiritual rituals. It is an intoxicating aroma with intense calming effects to the body and mind.

Bulgarian Rose is exalted in history rose is a well known medicinal flower and is one of the most complex essential oils in the world, containing more than 400 chemical compounds. This means it contains a vast array of diverse skin therapeutic properties.

Black Currant Seed Oil is highly anti-inflammatory and rich in Vitamin C, it contains excellent therapeutic properties which make it excellent for skin nutrition. Improving the of elasticity of the skin and creating a luminous appearance and texture.

Buriti Oil is grown in the Amazon River Basin, buriti oil contains carotenoids, aka vitamin A in one of the highest levels in any botanical species known on the planet. Resulting in a vast array of antioxidant compounds, creating an extremely high level of protection from free radical damage. Buriti oil contains numerous fatty acid compounds assisting in the production of collagen and providing skin nutrition.

Camellia is a rich source of Palmitic and Omega-6 linoleic fatty acids, as well as numerous anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants. Containing Oleic fatty acid rendering it a remarkable transdermal carrier, and efficient in moisture retention while promoting cell growth and permeating deep into the lower layers of the skin.

+ribes nigrum(black currant seed),*camellia oleifera(camellia)+mauritia flexuosa(burti)+michelia champaca(champa CO2)+osmanthus fragrans+rosa damascena(rose)+santalum austrocaledonicum(new caledonia sandalwood) vit.E mixed tocopherols non-gmo source NON-GMO certified, vegan, *denotes organic + sustainably wild harvested.

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