You eat well, exercise regularly, and your skincare regimen is comprised of all-natural products, but are you still using a shampoo and conditioner that's full of chemicals? Your hair needs proper sustenance to thrive. Your hair needs clean beauty shampoo.

Your hair is unique to you and finding the right products can be an overwhelming decision. Do you need hydration, volume, shine, or oil control? It's not just your hair that needs attention, the health of your scalp is so important too. Ingredients in haircare products penetrate your skin, so it's imperative they are safe and nourishing rather than toxic and counterproductive.

The majority of products on the market contain chemicals that are damaging to your hair, as well as your overall health. Hair loss, skin allergies, and even cancers are among the many concerns linked to unnatural formulas. Natural formulas are free from toxic chemicals and instead use only natural ingredients and plant extracts to not only clean your hair but to improve the overall appearance and health of your hair.

Think about addressing the root cause for your hair concerns rather than masking the symptoms. Sure, synthetic ingredients like silicones may feel like you're getting silky, hydrated, or voluminous hair, but in reality, they are coating the hair, which in turn keeps your dry hair from getting moisture.

Chemical-free natural shampoo and hair care products contain naturally derived ingredients that provide real nourishment for the long run. Like with any change, it might take some time to adjust, and your results will vary by hair type.

What happens when all those chemicals are rinsed from your hair and go down the drain? This is something to consider when you're selecting the products that are right for you. What is also right for the environment? A great benefit to choosing clean beauty and hair care is that they often are made by companies that prioritize sustainability, fair trade, and do not test on animals. Look for products with labels that state to be both 'cruelty-free and vegan', which means it was not tested on animals and does not contain animal products or ingredients.

Such a simple part of your day can create a very positive ripple effect on the environment and economy. If you're ready to make the switch, you can browse our entire collection today to find the right product for you.