Consciously Created Wide Tooth Comb


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Wide Tooth Comb For Removing Knots & Tangles With Ease


WHAT: The Kitsch Wide Tooth Comb is the perfect hair tool to gently detangle your hair.
HOW: Use while in the shower to evenly disperse conditioner & stimulate the scalp.
WHY: The no-slip texture makes using this comb effortless without losing grip. Helps loosely brush out styled curls and natural texture without adding frizz.

2” wide brush handle
2.5” wide comb
9” long


  •  Helps reduce hair breakage
  •  Gently detangles wet & dry hair
  •  Smooths frizz
  •  Stimulates scalp for hair growth
  •  Ideal for straight sleek hairstyles
  •  No-slip coating for ultimate grip Material


    • PLA environmentally friendly corn starch fibers