dani & introvert.

Valuing quality over quantity has been a guiding force in my life for many years. This concept is ultimately the heartbeat of introvert.

My first opportunity to learn this lesson showed up in what and how I ate. As I began reading nutrition labels, I wanted to learn everything about what I was choosing to put in my body and how it was impacting my health. Understanding that food was what turned into fuel, I started purchasing locally and eating clean. 

Soon after, I learned about the dark side of fast fashion and saw that I was having the same lesson in a different area of my life. My desire to make choices that were better for the planet and my conscience prompted my search for sustainable and ethical clothing brands, and I thrifted more. 

Around the same time, I started practicing and teaching yoga, and my life was further transformed by these ancient teachings. As I integrated yoga’s ethical practice of sensitivity and non-violence into my daily life, I was confronted by the many ways my choices were causing unintentional harm - and my beloved beauty obsession was embarrassingly harmful. After that realization, I began researching the products I was using. Toxic ingredients, environmental damages, and animal cruelty were all wrapped up in a pretty package. 

Honestly, I was pissed. 

So once again, I researched. 

To my great relief and pleasant surprise, I discovered many companies that were transparent with their ingredients and processes, and most importantly, aligned with my highest values of clean, effective, and ethical beauty. After years of testing products and unearthing some precious gems, I could feel my worlds of esthetics and yoga beginning to merge. 

In 2020, a year that forced me to reflect on what matters most and, ultimately, how I could help fellow clean-beauty-enthusiasts like myself live their truest values, I was inspired to put all these products into one place, and introvert was born.

I wanted to create a space reflective of the most luxurious self-care experience that turns the mundane into ritual. introvert is not just a store, it's a place of mindfulness through self-care with easy access to the safest, most effective, and luxurious clean beauty and lifestyle products. 

I hope that you love the curated collection as much as I do.

If you're curious, here is a little bit about the name...