Orgaid Balancing Toner, Vitamin B3


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A Boost of Hydration…

Our Balancing Toner evens out and moisturizes your skin, giving you a boost of hydration. Dr. Baek’s effective formulation consists of hydrating and natural ingredients, balancing your skin's pH to maintain a healthy barrier.

4 oz


Use daily after the skin has been cleansed or when the skin needs to look and feel refreshed. This can be used as a setting spray for a beautiful dewy finish.


(Niacinamide) is well-known nutrition to help brighten the skin and help fight signs of aging. Niacinamide can also help fade dark spots while hydrating the skin.

Organic Lavender Water, Organic Rose Water, Organic Calendula Water, Niacinamide, Organic Lavender Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Rosehip Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Anisate *ORGAID products are made with over 70% organic ingredients and we use the term ‘organic’ based on California Organic Products Act (COPA). Organic Processed Product Registration (OPPR) number is 99498.

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